Ways to #KeepMoving physically

10 Health and Fitness Experts that Will Inspire You to Perspire

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Looking for daily motivation as you chase your health and fitness goals? Scroll down for a list of 10 most popular health and fitness influencers you can follow on social media.

  1. Urmi Kothari:
    Coach Urmi calls herself an “energy coach”; she is a certified instructor of Kettlebells, Pilates, Animal flow, Barefoot training, and a Master Trainer for Functional Training. She is also the founder of Kinetic Living and a Nike Training instructor. Follow her on Instagram for some great warm-up moves, workouts, fitness gyaan, and motivation that will help you improve endurance and mobility, and strengthen your core and whole body.
  2. Nile Brothers:
    German brother-duo Nick and Lenny post fun fitness-themed vlogs wherein they talk about a range of topics, from coping with relationship depression to transforming your body shape with healthy food. Follow their channel to gain a new perspective and rediscover the spark within you.
  3. Apoorva Jayarajan:
    Apoorva is a mat Pilates and a dance instructor. She regularly posts some interesting fusion workout techniques comprising dance and yoga on her Instagram and YouTube accounts.
  4. Raghav Pande:
    Fitness blogger Raghav regularly shares tips to help you combat weight loss struggles and achieve a toned body. Subscribe his channel to learn about exciting workouts you can try at home with as little as a pair of dumbbells or free weights.
  5. Tarun Gill:
    Tarun Gill is a personal trainer and founder of India Fitness League. Subscribe to his popular YouTube channel or download the app for easy and step-by-step workout sessions that you can try by yourself.
  6. Fit Foodies Mantra:
    The sibling duo, Rahul and Neha, are passionate about food and fitness and this is well reflected on their blog Fit Foodies Mantra. Subscribe to read insightful articles and tips on how to make fitness an enjoyable lifestyle.
  7. Sandeep Gianchandani:
    Thanks to his perfectly toned body and muscles, fitness model Sandeep is an inspiration for many young men. Follow his account to gain insights into the intense workout routines he undertakes to maintain his muscular physique.
  8. Neha Ranglani:
    Neha strives to maintain a healthy balance between food and fitness. So, you will find delicious yet healthy recipes on her YouTube channel as well as a bunch of fun tips on exercises to achieve a good shape and positive mind.
  9. Yasmin Karachiwala:
    Certified fitness pilates instructor, celebrity fitness coach, and author, Yasmin focuses on holistic health and fitness. She is on a mission to help people embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle. Follow her website Body Image for daily motivation and fitness mantras.
  10. Monica Sahu:
    Monica believes in living in her own skin and is an inspiration to all the plus-sized women out battling with weight loss. Follow her account for a daily dose of maintaining a positive mindset, incorporating easy exercises, and general health tips.

Ways to #KeepMoving physically

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